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Cam Followers IKO bearings

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Update time : 2018-01-22 10:50:48
Cam Followers IKO bearings
●Standard Type Cam Followers
●Stainless Steel Made Cam Followers
●Double Hex Hole Cam Followers
●Solid Eccentric Stud Type Cam Followers
●Eccentric Type Cam Followers
●Thrust Disk Type Cam Followers
●Centralized Lubrication Type Cam Followers
●Easy Mounting Type Cam Followers
●Cam Follower G
●C-Lube Cam Followers
●Miniature Type Cam Followers
●Stainless Steel Made Miniature Cam Followers
●Thrust Disk Type Miniature Cam Followers
●Cylindrical Roller Cam Followers
IKO Cam Followers are bearings with a stud incorporating needle rollers in a thick walled outer ring.These bearings are designed for outer ring rotation,and have superior rotational performance with a small coefficient of friction and high load capacity.As studs already have threads or steps, they are easy to mount.
Cam Followers are follower bearings for cam mechanisms and linear motions and have high rigidity and high accuracy. They are, therefore, used widely for machine tools, industrial robots, electronic devices,and OA equipment.
Stainless steel made Cam Followers are superior in corrosion resistance and suitable for applications in environments where oil cannot be used or water splashed, and in clean rooms.

Note(1)  In case of the stud diameter (d1) 5 to 10mm, a re-greasing fitting is provided in the stud head hex hole. The stud diameter (d1) 12 to
30mm, a grease nipple is provided in the stud head hex hole.
(2) If needed, contact .
(3)  Thermosetting solid-type lubricant fills inner space of the bearing.

Standard Type Cam Followers
These are the basic type bearings in Cam Follower series. Models with stud diameters ranging from 3 to 30mm are prepared, and are suitable for a wide range of

Double Hex Hole Cam Followers 
The sockets with hexagon hole on both stud ends allow mounting with a hexagon wrenc from either side.

Solid Eccentric Stud Type Cam Followers 
The stud of these bearings is eccentric to the center axis of the outer ring. Thus, the position of the outer ring in the radial direction in relation to the mating cam guide surface can easily be adjusted by turning the stud, and the load distribution on a number of cam follower outer rings used on the same cam guide surface can be made uniform.These are eccentric cam followers with a one-piece stud that can be mounted in the same mounting holes as those for Standard Type Cam Followers.
Eccentricity is 0.25 mm 〜0.6 mm.
Eccentric Type Cam Followers
In these bearings, an eccentric collar is assembled with the Cam Follower stud, enabling the outer ring to be positioned easily in the radial direction against the mating cam guide surface.
Eccentricity is 0.4 〜1.5 mm.
Thrust Disk Type Cam Followers 
These bearings have special resin thrust disk washers superior in wear and heat resistance between the sliding contact area of outer ring shoulders, stud head and side plate. 
These disk washers reduce friction and wear due to axial loads caused by misalignment, etc.
Centralized Lubrication Type Cam Followers These bearings have one or two pipe-threaded holes in the stud. Thus, this series is suitable when centralized lubrication is required.
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