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Carved CNC ball screw

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Update time : 2019-08-21 23:31:44
Carved CNC equipment features
1. The machine tool has high precision. The spindle adopts Taiwan HSK high-precision shaft unit with low noise, high precision and good stability.
2, can turn a variety of rotary surfaces, such as cylindrical surface, conical surface, special surface, etc., and can be grooving, threading, boring, hinge processing, high efficiency, strong applicability.
Carved CNC ball screw parameters
Workbench size: 650*460mm
Servo motor: Panasoni-c, Mitsubish-i servo motor
Spindle speed: 1.5~2KW Speed: 60000rpm
Positioning accuracy: 0.01mm
Repeat positioning: 0.005mm
Bearing: Japan NSK machine tool spindle
Screw/rail: 2005 ball screw, silver guide
3. The bed rail is finely ground after super-audio quenching, with high hardness and good rigidity.
4. The electric four-station tool holder adopts the precision toothed disc positioning, and the repeating positioning precision is high.
Carved CNC ball screw physical map

Carved CNC Ball Screw Features
4. The ball screw adopts the integral inner circulation screw, and the mating angular contact ball bearing is supported and pre-tensioned. The guide rails and screw rods adopt centralized automatic lubrication, which has the characteristics of flexible movement, reduced thermal deformation and stable precision.

Matching slider with precision CNC lathe ball screw
Which brands do you use for CNC lathe ball screws?
In 2010, the company combined the two brands "TBI" and "COMTOP" and established a number of new products to provide customers with new choices in transmission components. "Drive Technology New Power" is our philosophy. The blue C in LOGO stands for Collaboration; T stands for Transfer and B changes for Brilliance to pursue excellence; I stands for Innovation for continuous innovation. TBI MOTION creates synergies through collaboration and continual innovation to meet customer needs. TBI MOTION product line is complete, manufactured by MIT Taiwan, the main products: ball screw, linear slide, ball spline, rotary ball screw / spline, single-axis robot, linear bearing, coupling, screw support.. . The products are widely used in the following industries: 1. Automation industry 2. Semiconductor industry 3. Industrial machinery 4. Medical grade industry 5. Solar energy equipment 6. Machine tool machinery 7. Parking equipment and other related industries, TBI MOTION has excellent results in various fields, and provides differentiated services such as customer technical support and industrial analysis to meet customer needs.

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